What moves us is what makes us – Part 2 with Erik Scherder

Erik Scherder

What moves us is what makes us – Part 2 with Erik Scherder

Challenge your brain, and keep moving

Erik Scherder is inescapable from the media. But just to refresh the brain just in case: Erik Scherder is a neuropsychologist. He once trained as a physiotherapist, is affiliated with the VU University as professor of Clinical Neuropsychology and also professor of movement sciences at the University of Groningen. His research focuses in particular on the positive properties of movement on the functioning of the brain. He is therefore actively involved in, among others, the Dutch Sports Council.

We spoke extensively with Erik, prior to a recording that we recently did on behalf of one of our clients. In the context of their Brain Challenge: how important it is to inform employees that exercise is healthy and to challenge them to do this regularly. Because a healthy mind in a healthy body functions better, with just half an hour of light exercise per day. Erik explained to us that day in his private lecture on the basis of research results how this affects our brain. Fascinating to watch!

His advice to us is therefore clear: trigger yourself and your brain! It’s never too late to change course: start a new study, start a hobby, get moving and keep your brain active. This reduces the risk of premature old age and minimizes the risk of obesity.

We talked about the attention paid to the corona victims and the fact that no one is talking about the victims of obesity at the beginning of the 20th century. That is considerably more than the corona figures that are now known. The fact that people are moving less and less is becoming an increasing social problem worldwide. His mission is therefore clear: invest in yourself and your employees. Move more, because the positive influence it has on your brain is more than invaluable, especially in these times. We know what to do!