We have won the Golden Giraffe Audience Award!

We have won the Golden Giraffe Audience Award!

Utrecht, 2 February 2017: newcomer Dr2 EVENTS & CAMPAIGNS wins the public prize for the most innovative event 2017 during the Golden Giraffe 2017. The company received this award for Coca-Cola OPEN: a concept that fulfilled Coca-Cola’s desire to have open conversations about “This is Forward”, Coca-Cola’s sustainability plan. With fans and critic, from government to catering.

Coca-Cola OPEN makes the right conversation possible
Coca-Cola has extremely ambitious goals. It is all about sugar reduction, the collection of packaging and its role in society. They have described this in their sustainability plan This is Forward. “We were only looking for a way to have real conversations about these plans and shape further coalitions. In Coca-Cola OPEN we found the ultimate concept and elaboration, “said Arjanne Hoogstad, sustainability manager at Coca-Cola European Partners Netherlands. Dr2 Events & Campaigns created an intimate setting in which Coca-Cola could open up as a global brand to shape the future with all parties involved.

Dr2 Events & Campaigns: “Back to basics: a small, intimate conversation.”

At Coca-Cola OPEN, stakeholders, customers and employees of Coca-Cola came together in an intimate setting. Sabine Nuijten, director of Dr2 Events & Campaigns: With OPEN we went back to basics: a small, intimate conversation. This gave a completely different atmosphere than the regular business setting. In addition to this innovative setting, the role of the client in this concept was also surprisingly designed. Coca-Cola brought together all kinds of parties involved in a specific subject. However, she did not give presentations, but mainly listened to the reaction to plans and ambitions and the opinion / vision of all people at the table. Sabine: “In many cases, Coca-Cola also acted as a connector. She invited organizations that may not usually just sit at the table.”

The power of content and execution
When asked which success factors Dr2 Events & Campaigns can name, one is at the top of the list. “Dr2 Events & Campaigns understands the substantive objectives that Coca-Cola has in mind and the importance of achieving them in close consultation and cooperation with the environment. But we also have years of experience in developing a strong and creative concept and converting it into concrete actions. ” The combination of content and implementation within one agency certainly contributed to the success of this project.