Think Factory Event Industry: trust of clients is crucial


Think Factory Event Industry: trust of clients is crucial

Last Wednesday 9 September, the first edition of the Think Factory Event Industry took place on the initiative of Dr2 Events & Campaigns. The aim of the Think Factory was to look together at the future of the industry from the various branches of the event industry. Regaining confidence in live communication and live meetings is crucial in this regard. The result is an action agenda to initiate this.

A diversity of suppliers sat at the table in an informal setting. Despite the situation in which we all find ourselves, the atmosphere at the table was positive. We looked to the future in a solution-oriented way and discussed what the industry could look like in 5 years’ time, but above all where the focus should be in the coming years. “People miss the interaction and the will is there. Nurturing this need is crucial, “said Kim de Ridder (Boozed).

The industry is in dire straits, but how can we, as an industry, and especially together, ensure that we end up in an upward spiral again? Regaining trust among clients is crucial in this respect. When will they dare to put live events on the agenda again and invest in them? And what is stopping them now? “If the protocols are followed properly, we can look forward to next year with hope,” said Jeroen Enzerink (Maison van den Boer).

The brainstorm has led to the identification of a number of inhibiting factors at clients, whereby various solutions have been proposed that we can tackle together as an industry. “We must help the clients by reducing the risks as much as possible” said Fred Bourgonje (Bourgonje Sound and Light Service)

The possible solutions must lead to us, as an industry as a whole, benefiting from it as a whole. Cooperation is therefore central. Clients must then get the feeling that the industry has minimized the risks because everything has been thought of, from safety to cancellation conditions. The result is an action agenda that we are now working on. The first follow-up steps are to test this with the clients and to have several relevant parties join this. With the right steps, we jointly see the future more positively.