The faces behind Dr2 Events – We introduce you: Marit

Marit Hofman

The faces behind Dr2 Events – We introduce you: Marit

Who are you? Marit Hofman, born and raised in Barendrecht. Besides that my biggest hobby is hockey, I also try to convey this to the youth. I am a real sociable animal and I love to travel.

What is your professional background? I am currently studying Leisure and Events Management at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I am in my third year of study and this means doing an internship, which I enjoy doing at Dr2 Events. On a production level, I have already gained experience in the world of events, including at IFFR and Ahoy. I have also worked in my previous jobs in the hospitality industry and as a recruiter. This knowledge always comes in handy.

What do you mainly do at Dr2 Events? Until January 2021 I will do an internship at Dr2 Events. At the moment I am learning everything related to an event from A to Z, from concepts to its production. I am really looking forward to broadening my knowledge about this.

What are your passions in the event world? At an event, I think it is important that people feel that they are in a completely different world and the only thing that matters is the event. When people leave the event with new knowledge and a smile, this is completely successful for me.