Concept development

Every event or campaign starts with an idea but requires to be shaped into a well-considered concept. Dr2 Events & Campaigns knows exactly what to do and develops creative and substantively strong concepts focused on the wishes and ideas of the client. Our concepts are creative, innovative and surprising in order to ensure top-notch content.


Do you want to create a substantive event but are you still looking for the right way? Dr2 Events & Campaigns is happy to advise you on the content of the meeting and likes to think along with practical matters such as the means of communication, location, registration process, technology, design and food & drinks. This way we turn your idea into a successful event, whether it is a digital meeting or a live meeting.

Project management

The experienced project managers of Dr2 Events & Campaigns guide your event from start to finish. We ensure a tight schedule in which all actions and deadlines are included. We monitor the budget by maintaining its transparency in order to ensure a flawless implementation. For best results, we like to work as a team with the client.

Event communication

Event communication is part of the full-service provision of Dr2 Events & Campaigns, both online and offline. This also includes the provision of (online) invitation processes, participant registration and the development of content and design of event sites and apps.


Everything comes together during an event. Our team has more than twenty years of experience in effectively establishing events. Our energetic people ensure a carefree course of the event or project: reception, registration, direction and logistical support during the event from arrival of the first guest until the departure of the last. Dr2 Events & Campaigns guarantees that everything runs smoothly.