Online events with maximum impact

The corona measures make it challenging to organize a physical event, while the need to meet each other is growing.
Online events (and hybrid events!) offer an excellent solution for this. Events can take place digitally in a professional manner, without losing the experience and impact.

There are also many options online with regard to knowledge transfer, interaction, networking, stands and entertainment. However, an online event requires a different approach than a live event. Think of the networking and interaction possibilities, but also the structure of the program. The tension arc is usually short and should be used optimally. In order to keep the viewer fascinated, it is important to choose the right format with sufficient variation, surprise and where possible innovation.

Dr2 Events & Campaigns is happy to help with the switch or start-up of an online event, in order to convey the message effectively and successfully to the participant.


  • Extensive experience in the field of TV & online productions
  • Masters the latest digital tools
  • Broad network with TV presenters, moderators and side kicks
  • Collaborations with professional AV suppliers and studios
  • Professional development of the right (TV) format with tight (technical) direction
  • Content expert through intensive collaboration with Dröge & van Drimmelen
  • The specialist in online, hybrid and live events

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