Events at the time of Corona

Evenement in Coronatijd

Events at the time of Corona

The corona virus creates a different dynamic in the landscape of live communication. We are happy to help you find the right solutions for the wishes and needs of your company or organization today! Below what is not, but especially what is possible!

What measures are there in the area of ​​events?
From June 1, business events up to 30 people are allowed. More flexible measures will apply from 1 July. As long as visitors can keep a distance of one and a half meters from each other, the maximum number of visitors for meetings will no longer apply from 1 July. This is on condition that a reservation has been made and a health check has been made in advance. The shape of an outdoor event is also changing. Visitors have to sit there, or there is a maximum of 250 people. Here too, the 1.5-meter measure remains in force.

Large-scale events are again possible from 1 July, but the implementation and licensing is up to the municipalities. Practically speaking, major events cannot take place until mid-August.

Our colleague Frans van Drimmelen has lobbyed the events industry on behalf of the Event platform in order to influence political decision-making. This strategy has achieved this good result, among other things. We are very pleased that we can get back to work!

Are there alternatives to the live events?
Yes, there are! And we are happy to help you find the optimal solution for the wishes and needs of your company or organization.

Think, for example, of online events. Together with our permanent partners, we ensure that the entire assignment runs smoothly. From branding, registration, a virtual or real host, speakers to subsessions. By using the latest techniques and taking into account the safety requirements. For example, we offer a GDPR-proof platform for shareholder meetings. We are also happy to work out an online and offline campaign to get your employees or customers involved.

Interested? Please contact one of our colleagues.