OPEN – Coca-Cola European Partners

With the ambitious sustainability plan “This Is Forward”, Coca-Cola wanted to enter into a dialogue with stakeholders, customers and its own employees in a familiar setting. Dr2 Events & Campaigns developed the OPEN concept for this, in which participants in a personal and open environment could engage in small groups to discuss sustainability, reuse, inclusion and packaging. In the first edition, the different locations were completely immersed in the world of Coca-Cola. The interactive table was central and encouraged conversations about films, stories and statements. The scope and impact was distinctive because an average of three sessions per day were organized over several consecutive weeks, making for a particularly intense and extensive project. The concept was further expanded in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, Coca-Cola decided to invite the people at Coca-Cola’s “home”. For this, a large-scale renovation was done to receive everyone comfortably and in an appropriate atmosphere. Consumer-days have also been added to the pre-existing stakeholder-days.

Dr2 Events & Campaigns has won the Golden Giraffe 2017 public award for the most innovative event for this project. Dr2 Events & Campaigns developed the concept and was responsible for the total output. From support in terms of content to coordinating the renovation in 2019.

  • Event type: Stakeholder event and open house (2019)
  • Event period: 2017: six weeks, 2018: three weeks, 2019: four weeks
  • Location:
    2017: private houses in Den Bosch, Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam
    2018: NHOW Hotel, Rotterdam
    2019: Coca-Cola factory, Dongen
  • Target group: Customers, social partners and critics. Consumers were added to this in 2019.