Midterm Logistics Innovation Conference – NWO & TKI Dinalog

Researchers in the field of sustainable logistics came together to meet, share knowledge and contribute action points for the new implementation agenda. This was addressed in a thematic setting; the location was a former army barracks and exuded an industrial atmosphere, emphasizing its sustainable and logistical character. The reuse of wooden pallets, old sea containers, artificial grass, a logo of cardboard 3D letters and the use of cardboard discussion tables emphasized a sustainable character. The visitors themselves started to gather input, which was plenary transferred to the quartermasters. A comedian provided the final touch to a successful event with a tailor-made performance.

Dr2 Events & Campaigns was responsible for the thematic concept, organization and implementation of the event.

  • Event type: Network conference
  • Date event: February 11, 2020
  • Location: The Maurits Barracks, Ede
  • Number of visitors: 200 people
  • Target group: Researchers in the field of sustainable logistics

See the aftermovie below, made by Flatcap Goatee Productions.

Midterm Logistics Innovation Conference