15 years of JJI Lelystad – Pluryn

In 2019, JJI Lelystad existed 15 years. Reason for a party, but at the same time a threat for closure. We took the opportunity to share the added value of JJI Lelystad by introducing 15 perspectives, each representing a year of JJI Lelystad’s existence. The story of one young person was central. Interest has been highlighted by means of produced videos, interviews and live presentations. The storyteller combined the program into a coherent and compelling story.

In addition to the concept, operational organization and internship management, Dr2 Events & Campaigns was responsible for the production of the videos. The right stakeholders have been invited to the event in collaboration with Dröge & van Drimmelen.

  • Event type: Stakeholders meeting and Jubilee
  • Event date: September 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Location: Lange Voorhout & Het Plein, The Hague
  • Number of visitors: 1000+ persons
  • Target group: Regional and national politicians, involved parties and colleagues
JJI Lelystad 15 jaar